The Rise Of Gambling In Video Games

Gambling has existed for many generations as it can be carried out as a side activity to a major event. As time progresses, more methods of gambling are introduced with games and gambling sites being established to create a platform for gamblers to satiate their needs. 

Gambling in video games has become so severe that it makes the best online casino in the country a better alternative to gamble your money away. Initially started as a free gateway to rare cosmetics, loot box is introduced to reward players by providing a method of gaining cosmetics by completing certain tasks. During festive seasons, some video games would lock exclusive cosmetics behind loot boxes which forces players to pay real money just for a chance to earn the cosmetics they want. Because some loot boxes are featured in free-to-play games like Apex Legends, League of Legends and DOTA 2, some players would see it as a cheaper alternative to getting any cosmetics of the highest rarity, even if it is not the ones they want. This causes players to develop unethical spending habits as they would obsessively spend money just to stand a petite chance of obtaining a high rarity cosmetic. To further incentivize their players, some games would compensate their players by introducing a different currency that is only obtainable from loot boxes which players are able to spend to get their desired cosmetics.

Loot box is not the only feature that is responsible for developing gambling habits in gamers, however, as there is a whole genre that is dedicated to incentivize spending real money and that is gacha. Gacha works similarly to loot boxes as they would have “banners” consisting of certain characters or weapons that will be obtainable when they “roll” for the banners. However, what makes gacha much worse is the fact that some characters will play an important role in allowing you to advance through the story. Additionally, most players would be attracted to certain characters that they are willing to spend money to get their desired characters at all cost. It may sound exaggerated, but there is a case of a man who has spent USD 70,000 in a single game. This has raised many alarm bells in the gaming community as it indicates that some players are willing to spend literally any amount of money to a video game just to get a 2D character. And that’s not all, every gacha game has different mechanics that would make it better or far more worse than the others. For example, Arknights is considerably one of the best and considerate gacha games in the market as it does not necessarily require a team of high rarity units to go through most parts of the main campaign and features two pity systems, one that allows you to get a 5 or 6 star unit within the first 10 rolls and another that increase your chance of getting a 6 star unit by 2% if you haven’t gotten any after 50 rolls.

Overall, gambling can exist beyond the ones we know from casinos and they may become much worse than the table games we know today. 

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