Good Makeup Brands You Can Find In Malaysia

Makeup is a multi-billion-dollar industry where many have set their foot into so they can get some returns. What used to be a women targeted industry like mlm software development company, now belongs to men and everyone who walks on this earth. Makeup gurus have popped up like fruits since YouTube was discovered and among them some who created brands. If you’ve never heard of individuals like Jeffree Star, James Charles and so many others who have all released makeup palettes you’ve probably been living under a rock. Makeup is now becoming a condensed market more than ever. However, just because a lot of makeup exists does not mean they’re all good. Some of them are not even good.  Here are our recommendations for some good makeup brands you can find.

First of all is Fenty Beauty. It delivered as promised. Made by the singer Rihanna, the brand quickly had a cult following just like her songs. Her inclusivity and diversity objective was easily achieved by releasing foundation, concealers and contours and many more. She also released highlighters and eyeshadows that shook everyone in the makeup community as they were all unique. Everything made by Fenty is so far loved and they’ve not gone in the wrong. Every launch was carefully thought through and every product was well thought out. The founder of Fenty even stated that it took 5 years to develop formulas for every skin type so that everyone can use makeup the way they want to. True enough, her products are a universal product and they can be used by every skin tone, type and colour without having breakout or without it being too cakey.

Next is Maybelline. Maybelline is a drug store brand that has a god following as well. They are not as expensive as the other brands and can be found in every drugstore in Malaysia. The brand has one product that people keep coming for more and that’s their mascara. No other brands have been ever close to even imitate their mascara and none have been successful. Maybelline’s eyeshadows are not popular but their foundation and powders are very much loved by the community. Maybelline has also diversified their makeup and created liquid foundations for dry and sensitive skin types while creating the powder for the oily skin types. These products have made their customers fall in love with their foundation. Compared to other brands, Maybelline’s products are affordable.

Finally, is the makeup brand by a designer that is relatively unknown. Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs is a designer who also releases his own makeup products. Most designer makeup products are average but overpriced but Marc’s are excellent. His foundation was one of the best foundations when it was released. Many who bought Marc Jacobs makeup has nothing much to say but good. The only thing that is keeping Marc from building a makeup empire is that he doesn’t release enough products. The only products that exist are few and they have less releases compared to any other makeup brand. However, when they do release a product or two, it’s well thought out and well-loved by all.

These are the 3 make up brands we believe that are good enough for you to splurge your money in. Makeup is an investment for you in the long term. Avoid buying makeup that makes you breakout just because it’s cheap. Your skin will thank you later. 

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