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Common Marital Issues

No one can promise you that once you get married, everything will be smooth, and you will be lying on a bed of roses. In fact, life will be easier if you remain single as you only have yourself to take care of. But then again, since getting married is a human’s natural course of life, we still do it despite the warnings. 

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So, have you been married for a long and you are now starting to feel that your marriage is falling apart? For what it’s worth, you are not alone. No married life is perfect and those happy couples you see on social media, they too have their own set of problems and maybe they just pretend they are happy, or it could also be that they always make sure to deal with them. 

First of all, what are the common marital issues? Check this out:

  • Household chores

Today, women are not found in the homes anymore. Most of them are now working as well and earning. As a matter of fact, there are women who earn more than men. But the thing is, because she is a wife, she is expected to still deal with the household issues or chores. Well, of course, one can always hire help always. But the thing is, help is not always available, and this is where the problem starts, especially when a husband will not help, thinking it is not his responsibility. This is not right really as when you get married, you have pledged that you will help each other till the deal does you part. So, a husband should be flexible and extend his help when the need arises. 

  • Finances

Finances are also usually the root of arguments. This should not be if both the wife and the husband will just live within their means. Yes, they should talk about this as sometimes, the other party cannot control himself causing the other partner to get mad and that’s when the fight will happen. Each of them should come up with a decision that will be the best solution for such a problem. 

  • Parenting differences

While some husbands will just let the parenting issues to the wife, there are times when this can be a problem, especially when it comes to giving permissions. Yes, there are times when a husband will right away allow a son or daughter to whatever requests that are made, without consulting the wife. This will become a problem for sure and to resolve this, it is best that both will talk about this first. The husband should tell the kids to ask permission from the wife since she is usually the person in the house and the one who will monitor them. 

Are you in this situation already? Are you having issues? Maybe it is because you are not happy being together anymore that such problems are magnified. While the issues might also be there, it can help as well if you are both happy. Yes, and so, why not use toys for sex that you can buy in Malaysia during your nighttime activities? This might be the missing link!