A Partially Furnished Condo in Desa Park City

If you are looking for a property to buy, you can check out the condo in Desa Park City . That is right and this condo is partially furnished. This should be good if you are the kind of person who gets excited when moving to a new place as she can then adorn it with his favored things. 

You see, even if you already have a home, or even if you are not from this area, it is still profitable to have a property in this part that you can call your own. You have the option to sell it later on or to just use this as a rental place. 

Desa Park City is a township of the capital city and that means, there are always so many people here and every day, there must be thousands of people looking for a place to stay for a day or for a month. Thus, you have the option to rent your new place in a monthly basis or as brb, whichever comes first. 

Well, of course, it is not cheap to buy a new property and this is even why only a few own a property for that matter. But once you have it, you can say that you are at least financially secured, especially on your old days where you can’t work anymore. This is the time when you need a reliable source of income as aside from your monthly pension, you will surely need funds to keep up with your medicines and more. 

What are the inclusions of the mentioned partially furnished condo in Mont Kiara? Check this out:

  • Being partially furnished, it comes with a few appliances like a ref, both standing and freezer, ceiling fan, curtains and still a lot more. You can check the property yourself before you seal the deal of course. 
  • It is just a walking distance to some of the most respectable international school considering it is in a strategic location. You can say that it is just also a walking distance from the heart of the city. This should be a relevant factor for anyone who is looking for a place to stay as this means that everything he will probably need is just nearby. 
  • Another good thing when you stay in this property is that you will be given access to some of the A1 amenities convenience such as the MK, Solaris MK, 1Mk and Publika.
  • It comes with car park, which can be quite useful as some condos won’t offer a car park. You can park your vehicle, but that will be with a certain fee, like for a month and so on. 

Yes, this should be a great property for you to check. You can either use this if you ever want to get a glimpse of the latest happenings in the capital city or you can also use this as your rental property. For sure you will easily find a tenant here. 
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